For more than six years, we stood firm against Kilroy Realty’s One Paseo project, opposed to the negative traffic impacts it would have on our community and the precedent it would set for development throughout San Diego. The City Clerk’s certification of sufficiency regarding the referendum petition to overturn One Paseo confirms that an overwhelming number of San Diegans share our concerns.

The San Diego City Council will now have the opportunity to reconsider One Paseo. If the City Council fails to overturn its decision on the project, the issue should be put on the June 2016 primary election ballot to ensure that the greatest possible number of San Diego voters have the opportunity to weigh in. Authorizing a special election, especially one funded by Kilroy, would further disregard the concerns of tens of thousands of San Diegans and would allow Kilroy to manipulate the voting process.

City Councilmembers now have the opportunity to vote with the people they represent, but we need everyone’s help urging them to do so. If you haven’t already, please ask the Council to reject One Paseo and the dangerous precedent it sets for all San Diego neighborhoods by sending a message.

Visit for more information on how to get involved in the ongoing efforts to Protect San Diego’s Neighborhoods and prevent One Paseo from destroying our community!

Proposed for the southwest corner of Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real, the One Paseo project includes more than 1.4 million square feet of development, three times what was originally planned for the 23.6-acre site. The project has been advertised as a “main street” for Carmel Valley, however its urban size and scale directly conflict with our community.

Every community member stands to lose if this project is approved. One Paseo proposes buildings as high as 150 feet and will cause terrible traffic jams on our roads. It will create dangerous conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and will amplify parking frustration for visitors to the area. It will expand Del Mar Heights Road to accommodate nine lanes of traffic. It is not smart growth development and may never be linked to public transit.

Together we can make our community voice heard and stop One Paseo. The community planning groups of Carmel Valley, Torrey Pines, Torrey Hills and Del Mar Mesa, as well as the San Diego Planning Commission, have already rejected One Paseo as proposed. We hope this website will help you understand One Paseo’s many negative impacts and give you the tools to help stop it.

  • Unable to recommend city council approval... - San Diego Planning Commission
  • One Paseo is bad for cycling - Samantha Ollinger, Executive Director, Bike San Diego
  • Community character counts, and we cannot allow something three times the zoning to be approved - County Supervisor Dave Roberts
  • These impacts are significant to the quality of our Carmel Valley community and should not be disregarded for economic gain - Carmel Valley Community Planning Board

Kilroy's One Paseo: DO THE MATH

  • Violates Community Plan - 3x what's currently allowed
  • Increased Traffic - 370% unmitigated increase
  • Downtown Heights - two 150 foot-tall buildings
  • Destroys Community Charter - Del Mar Heights Road at El Camino Real will be 9 Lanes
  • No New City Parks - 1,600 MorePeople and NO New City Parks or School
  • UnprecendentedDensity - 1.45 MILLION Square Feet

Everyone has something to lose.